If you play using Windows 8, there is another topic talking about try another file.

In 95% of those cases, updating the graphic drivers solve the problem.

Be aware that drivers for 64 bits should not be compatible! If you have a 64 bits system and the game doesn't work well, install the 32 bits drivers!

Update drivers

  • You can use the software DriverWhiz to find the up-to-date drivers and install them.
  • Go in the Control Pannel and find the information about your graphic card: remember its name or brand mark.
  • In a web browser, enter: "driver myGraphicCard".
  • Download the driver, install it, then try to start Mahjong In Poculis again.

Before you buy a laptop, check its graphic chipset:

  • NVIDIA: they are all compatible with the game.
  • ATI: they are all compatible with the game .
  • INTEL: the old GMA 950 is compatible but the GMA 500 has drivers issues...
  • VIA: very bad drivers, no guaranty it might work.